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Dt. Cem Şakran

Dt. Cem Şakran
Dt. Cem Şakran


Professional Interests

Endodontics (Canal Treatment Specialist)


License: (September2013 –June2018)

T.R. Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, Dentistry

Ph.D.: September 2018 – ongoing)

T.C Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Endodontics

Professional Interest

Photodynamic Therapy
Traumatic Tooth Injuries


2018 September / 2020 February: Easy Implant Clinic (Dt. Tevfik Sayman)

2019 September (Continuing): Skydent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic

2019 January / 2020 September : Bağcılar Mydent Dental Polyclinic

2020 August: Aydınlar Dental Group, Atakent Acıbadem Hospital


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